Vodafone Scam Berlin Germany

Vodafone Scam BerlinVodafone Scam BerlinVodafone Scam Berlin Germany

Why are we discussing Vodafone Scam Berlin anyway? So we talked a bit about how Vodafone utilizes an old technology, DSL in supplying services to their customers here in Berlin. Today I’d like to give you a customer prospective on how Vodafone’s service with DSL affects us.

As I mentioned about Vodafone Scam Berlin, being an Ex-Pat here in Berlin I’m renting my apartment with all utilities included. That includes the internet service. Since the internet service from Vodafone is listed under the owners name, they are required to making alteration in the service if need be. I had gotten the owners approval when I moved in into the apartment in changing the service if needed, but would have to make up for the cost difference if their was an increase. I’m not sure what the package deal the owner purchased, but she did indicate the phone and TV service was included in the internet package.

Vodafone Scam Berlin – The DSL internet service the owner had purchased seemed slow from the get go. I wasn’t sure of the internet speed the DSL service provided so I checked it’s speed by utilizing a free ping software like Speed TestVodafone Scam Berlin

This image shows the speed result I got from the ping test. It was tested early morning at 5am when most user’s are still asleep, so the test should be at optimum speed in a DSL case like mine.

With this information about Vodafone Scam Berlin, it’s clear that the owner did not opt for the fastest internet speed Vodafone might be offering. And for normal applications this might suit most people. But I’m not the normal user. I have needs. And it requires speed. Lots of it. In particular, up-load speed is what I need most. Because I’m constantly up-loading onto my hosting server with data for my blogs.  As you can see, 43kb of up-loading speed isn’t mind blowing speed, nor fast, or quick for that matter. It’s just putzing along at what modem speeds use to be rated at.

Vodafone Scam Berlin – That slow up-loading speed is difficult enough on it’s own to deal with. Let alone the other issue I hadn’t noticed yet or discovered would be the driving factor for writing this blog and alerting all users that might need a internet service here in Berlin.

Since I’m on the computer all day long I notice things when they don’t seem right. I understood the speed could be a hinder when I’m up-loading jobs or down-loading large files that I promote on my websites. I also expected service to be interrupted at times by disconnects. We all do. It’s not a perfect world yet. And so when these things happen it’s excused as a one time hick-up that week or month by the provider. What I never expected, nor believe anyone would is interruptions on an hourly bases from my provider, Vodafone. And that discovery shocked me.

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Vodafone DSL Scam

Vodafone DSL Scam Vodafone DSL ScamVodafone DSL Scam

Vodafone DSL Scam – I’m an ex-pat living in Berlin Germany now for just over 2 years. I was lucky enough in finding an apartment in a decent neighborhood with easy public transportation nearby. The apartment is off of a major street running to the center of Berlin. The TV tower is visible from our street. There are tons of shops just around the corner in every direction. The location of the apartment is ideal for us in every way.

The apartment itself comes completely furnished including the utilities. This makes it so easy to live here compare to having furnish an apartment. For those that haven’t been exposed to living in Berlin yet,when furnishing an apartment in Berlin, you literally have to furnish every aspect of it. From putting in all the lighting fixtures, to building your kitchen and putting down a flooring system at times. It really is a big deal finding a furnished apartment when renting because of the out of pocket expense you need in furnishing one. So we felt very fortunate in finding this little gem in the location that it’s in.

Vodafone DSL Scam – Because the apartment comes completely furnished and all utilities are paid by the owner, all the utilities are under his name as well. This suited me just fine because when you have to deal with the utility companies it can get very messy and expensive in cost here in Berlin. I found that out when I lived with my brother for a few months and needed the cable company to fix the cable connection. They charged my brothers bill 230 euros for the technicians time. The thing was, it was the cable companies fault that we lost connection, but still they charged my brother and he had to dispute it which is really a pain in the ass here in Germany.

That’s because the major companies here have all the rights and the consumer has to live with what almost seems like a dictatorship of control. By that I mean the consumer is almost always put in the position of being in the wrong and needs to prove his innocents.

Vodafone DSL Scam – And that is what I’d like to discuss about Vodafone. Vodafone is one of the major communication companies here in Berlin. They have their hands in every aspect of the communication technology here. Our apartment utilizes their services for the phone, TV, and internet. The owner purchased a package deal from Vodaphone some time back and is paying a premium compared to today’s market. Almost every contract a consumer signs here in Berlin is for a minimum of 2 years. Finding a internet company that’ll sell a service for less than 2 years narrows the field down to just one company, Deutsche Cable. And the fact is Deutsche Cable owns all of the internet wiring from my understanding. What that means here in Berlin is that all other companies need to rent or lease the wiring lines to every household here in Berlin. A down right monopoly of control. What that does for the internet consumer is either good or bad depending on your cable provider. From how I remember, Deutsche Cable allocates area’s and traffic in those area’s. How it gets allocated and what determines the traffic flow rate in those area’s is something that’s out of my pay scale.

Vodafone DSL Scam – Since I live in a very highly populated area, the service here should be optimal for any carrier. What surprised me after I moved into the apartment, was the internet service and TV connection was DSL technology. That seemed a bit strange in this day and age when fiber optic seems to be making great progress with all the newest instillation being done in the USA. The norm in every household today would have to be cable installed connections. But here in good old Berlin Germany, what is thought to being a country of high tech, our service and almost every household in Berlin is DSL connections. A 20 year old technology right after the phone modem. Whoo Hoo baby! Remember those?

Now if you can recall back in the day when you had DSL, the connection speed and service was mostly dependent on the public street DSL main routing box location. The theory is, the further away from this main public routing box you are, the slower your service is going to be. It has the same principal as this example.

Vodafone DSL Scam – You live on a dead-end street. Your the last house of 50 other homes on that dead-end street. Everyone on that street gets their water supply from a garden hose that runs the full length of the street ending in your home. Every house on that street, has a connection onto the garden hose as it passes by their home. The water company turns on the water into the garden hose that’s supplying all 50 homes.

Vodafone DSL ScamThe first home on the street has great water pressure and doesn’t feel any constraints what so ever.



Vodafone DSL ScamAs you move down the street, house number 25 seems to have water pressure issues. The water isn’t nearly as forceful as it was in the first home. Each additional home you go to on the street, seems to display the same if not a little worse water pressure issue now. And the further down the street you go, the worse it gets.

Vodafone DSL ScamAnd than you’re at your house and the water pressure is all but gone. A dribble of water seems to fall out of the garden hose. Not spray out. But just dribble off the end of the hose.


Vodafone DSL Scam – That’s essentially how a DSL internet service works. And that’s why it isn’t used any more in the USA for the most part. But here in Berlin, it’s the main course. And if you find yourself at the end of the street routing box, prepare yourself for lots of self control and inner peace. For you will need both to survive the connection speed and pauses that come in-between.

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Vodafone Scam