Vodafone Scam Berlin Germany

Vodafone Scam BerlinVodafone Scam BerlinVodafone Scam Berlin Germany

Why are we discussing Vodafone Scam Berlin anyway? So we talked a bit about how Vodafone utilizes an old technology, DSL in supplying services to their customers here in Berlin. Today I’d like to give you a customer prospective on how Vodafone’s service with DSL affects us.

As I mentioned about Vodafone Scam Berlin, being an Ex-Pat here in Berlin I’m renting my apartment with all utilities included. That includes the internet service. Since the internet service from Vodafone is listed under the owners name, they are required to making alteration in the service if need be. I had gotten the owners approval when I moved in into the apartment in changing the service if needed, but would have to make up for the cost difference if their was an increase. I’m not sure what the package deal the owner purchased, but she did indicate the phone and TV service was included in the internet package.

Vodafone Scam Berlin – The DSL internet service the owner had purchased seemed slow from the get go. I wasn’t sure of the internet speed the DSL service provided so I checked it’s speed by utilizing a free ping software like Speed TestVodafone Scam Berlin

This image shows the speed result I got from the ping test. It was tested early morning at 5am when most user’s are still asleep, so the test should be at optimum speed in a DSL case like mine.

With this information about Vodafone Scam Berlin, it’s clear that the owner did not opt for the fastest internet speed Vodafone might be offering. And for normal applications this might suit most people. But I’m not the normal user. I have needs. And it requires speed. Lots of it. In particular, up-load speed is what I need most. Because I’m constantly up-loading onto my hosting server with data for my blogs.  As you can see, 43kb of up-loading speed isn’t mind blowing speed, nor fast, or quick for that matter. It’s just putzing along at what modem speeds use to be rated at.

Vodafone Scam Berlin – That slow up-loading speed is difficult enough on it’s own to deal with. Let alone the other issue I hadn’t noticed yet or discovered would be the driving factor for writing this blog and alerting all users that might need a internet service here in Berlin.

Since I’m on the computer all day long I notice things when they don’t seem right. I understood the speed could be a hinder when I’m up-loading jobs or down-loading large files that I promote on my websites. I also expected service to be interrupted at times by disconnects. We all do. It’s not a perfect world yet. And so when these things happen it’s excused as a one time hick-up that week or month by the provider. What I never expected, nor believe anyone would is interruptions on an hourly bases from my provider, Vodafone. And that discovery shocked me.

Vodafone Scam Berlin Germany

Because I’ve dealt with facts my whole career life, it’s accustom for me to find out everything I’m involved in. Just second nature for me. During one up-loading session I was watching my website crawl along with the swirly circle fading in and out as time passed, I notice the file kept stalling out. At one point, completely stood still and than the system messaged me that the server timed out. At first I thought it was my hosting provider that caused the problem. But after investigating their side, it was clear the problem stemmed somewhere locally at my end. I needed to find out if my internet service was at fault. I searched and found a free software called Internet Connectivity Monitor that would ping every 5 seconds to Google and Yahoo in the background and log your internet connection 24 hours a day. You’re able to save the data it has gathered into a log sheet whenever you wanted to. Perfect for what I needed. I down loaded the free software ICM 1.41 and started the program immediately.

Here is this mornings data being monitor on my internet service

Vodafone Scam Berlin

Vodafone Scam Berlin Germany

And that’s when I discovered what Vodafone has been able to get away with here in Berlin. Within an hour of the program running I saw continuous disconnects from Vodafone’s internet services. At first I thought perhaps Vodafone was just experiencing technical issues that hour. So I continued running the program and found within a 24 hour span that Vodafone had disconnected my services over 253 times. I was shock! I truly couldn’t believe a provider could possible be selling this kind of service and not hear from local or national governing agencies about this type of shabby service being sold to the consumer. I might be able to understand if this was a free service to the public, but my understanding is the owner pays around 30 euros a month for this service. Unacceptable in my opinion so I wanted to confront Vodafone about this.

Remember in my prior blog about how I mentioned that German companies govern their own business practices and consumers bow at their every whim. Well, Vodafone takes full advantage of this fact when I tried consulting with them about this service. First they denied that such interruptions could be possible. Than they gave me the cold shoulder because I wasn’t the paying customer of the service. They hung up on me. Calling them back trying a different approach, I suggested if it was possible to change to a different plan within Vodafone and they said I’d need both the account number and password the owner had set-up. I told them I didn’t have this information, but I do have a signed leased by the owner. They basically laughed at me and said don’t waste their time unless I have this information from the owner, I couldn’t change a thing with Vodafone.

I emailed the owner several times requesting these two bits of information but she never returned my emails. A bit frustrated, I threaten to hold back some rent money, but still got no reply. I than followed suit and up-held some rent money with an email explaining why I did it. Still no reply. I finally gave up this pursuit seeing it wasn’t making any advancements. I was stuck with this service unless I could come up with an alternative solution.

I had another course of action I was going to pursue and will write about that in my next blog. For now, in Vodafone Scam Berlin, I’m enclosing some of the daily logs I’ve kept records of showing the disconnects from my Vodafone internet services.

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